The Death of Fidel Perez

Elizabeth Huergo

“A heartfelt and well-written novel, with a provocative premise.” —Oscar Hijuelos

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River of Dust

Virginia Pye

A story of retribution about American missionaries in rural China in 1910 whose toddler son is stolen by Mongol bandits and whose search for him across a dangerous land comes to haunt them, changing not only what they believe but who they are.

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What Changes Everything

Masha Hamilton

When she learns that her husband has been kidnapped in Afghanistan, the swirl of events here and abroad sends Clarissa into the late-night streets of Brooklyn and connects her to a wider world of warriors and survivors.

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The Lighthouse Road

Peter Geye

A generational immigrant saga of logging camps, desperate winters, whiskey smuggling, heartache, boat building and dangerous love.

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The Bird Saviors

William J. Cobb

Set in the stark landscape of the desert southwest in some very near future, a young unwed mother must find her way in a world damaged by a ravaging bird flu epidemic and drought.

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